DigiTech Roadshow provides digital technology support to teachers

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2017)

CORE Education is providing digital technology support to educators with the DigiTech Roadshow during August 2017.

In response to the Ministry of Education’s announcement that digital technologies will be recognised as part of the Technology Learning Area in the New Zealand Curriculum from 2018, the Roadshow offers an interactive experience for educators from New Entrants through to Year 13, exploring how they can best prepare students for their digital futures.

According to CORE Education Accredited Facilitator and digital technologies enthusiast, Nicki Tempero, it is important to understand not only what these curriculum changes are, but why they are essential for our learners’ success.

“Digital technologies are continually changing how we live and work. This is especially true for today’s learners who need to be confident creating, as well as using, a broad range of digital technologies in a variety of settings. The DigiTech Roadshow aims to give teachers the skills, knowledge and tools to successfully teach in our changing world.”

Several key themes

While the design and development of the curriculum content is still underway by the government’s English Medium and Māori Medium working groups, CORE has identified several key digital technology themes that will be the focus of hands-on workshops at the six regional Roadshow events in August.

These themes include coding and robotics, computational thinking, digital fluency, design thinking, game-based learning and gamification, and digital citizenship.

The one-day Roadshow events, supported by Event Partner Netsafe, will be keynoted by Dr Michael Walmsley of Code Avengers, as well as Netsafe Education Advisors, Anjela Webster and Pauline Spence.

The six DigiTech Roadshow events are scheduled to take place 1 August – 24 August in Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Nelson and Dunedin. To find out how CORE can support you in adopting the new curriculum, visit


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