Review: LittleBits STEAM Student Set

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2017)


I’m sat at the table fiddling with the pieces in the LittleBits STEAM Student Set and, really, all I’m thinking is “Darn, I wish I’d come up with this!”

LittleBits is an ingenious collection of electronic building blocks. Much like any electronics kit, you put the components or ‘bits’ together to create circuits. What sets it apart is just how easily and quickly this process works.

For starters, everything’s colour coded: Blue for power (battery or AC adaptor); Pink for input (buttons, switches and sensors); Green for output (motion, light and sound); and Orange for ‘expand with a wire’ (expansion and branches). Then, connecting the bits couldn’t be simpler. They’re magnetic, so snap together – no soldering or wiring – and can’t fit together incorrectly.

Innovative and classy

After just a few minutes, you’ll realise it’s an innovative and classy combo that works incredibly well. The age is officially 8+ but my six-year-old daughter happily joined in my testing.

There are various sets, containing more than 60 modules. All work with each other, making millions of possible combinations. As well as guides and tutorials, there’s also app that offers help and advice.

The STEAM Student Set (RRP $819) is designed for four students and is quite comprehensive. It comes with 19 ‘Bits’, along with a host of other materials and accessories, like wheels, arms, boards, and adaptors.

LittleBits Education is available exclusively from Harvey Norman. If you still need convincing, I understand there’ll be a demo on their stand at next month’s uLearn conference. So, if you’re there, make sure you pop along and have a go!

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