Use of Tahi grows as students trial online exams

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2016)

tahi-265x490The number of schools using N4L’s new digital service Tahi is set to rise, as trials for the NZQA digital assessments begin this month. Participating schools will be among the first to use Tahi to sign into their digital assessments.

Tahi works with a school’s Student Management System (SMS) to create a single Tahi identity for every student and teacher.

This lets them access multiple online applications using their Tahi identity, reducing the need for schools to manage thousands of logins and passwords. Tahi identities also stay with their users throughout their school career, even when changing schools.

“Now that almost every school in the country has equitable access to fast internet, they are consuming a lot more data every month, and we expect many will expand their use of online tools and applications in the classroom,” says N4L CEO John Hanna.

“A child beginning school today is expected to use hundreds of online apps throughout their time at school, each requiring their own login and password. This puts extra pressure on schools who are responsible for securely managing how and when their students go online for learning.”

Simple and secure

NZQA Deputy Chief Executive, Digital Assessment Transformation, Andrea Gray, agreed. “Classroom teaching is increasingly being supported by online tools, so we’re piloting digital assessments to reflect this. Schools using online assessments will require a simple and secure way for NZQA to ensure the right student is sitting the right exam – and Tahi will provide that level of integrity.”

Educational applications are coming on board, with Hail, DB Primary, Careers New Zealand, ClickView, Dreamcatcher, and others joining N4L’s Pond and Web Filtering allowing students and teachers to sign in with their Tahi identities.

Source: N4L

Tahi is fully funded and available now for all schools on N4L’s Managed Network. Find out more at


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