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There’s more to it than just buying a projector

Data projectors have become a ‘must have’ technology in modern classrooms but installing them can come with some unexpected challenges, warns Andre Kneepkens. At Maidstone Intermediate everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief as the last stage of an ICT implementation policy has drawn to a close. […]

What’s it take to put a laptop in every teacher’s hands?

It’s one of the Ministry’s most successful ever ICT initiatives. Colin McGregor talks about how it’s happened and what the future holds for TELA. What is TELA? The Laptops for Teachers Scheme (TELA) was established in 2002 and provides state and integrated schools the opportunity to lease subsidised […]

Teachers are only as good as their online resources

Malcolm Hay wanted to learn how to develop online resources that would encourage independent learning among his carpentry students. His research led him to test how students actually use the Web and how they react to simple interactive learning environments. Here’s what he found. We now have online […]

Are teachers responsible for cyberbullying in classrooms?

Nearly half of all kids have been bullied online. Cybersafety expert Marian Merritt talks to us about the “enormously important” role teachers have to play in keeping students safe. What’s so wrong with the Internet? There’s nothing wrong with the Internet – the problems on the Internet are […]

Ministry invests in standards-based LMS

INTERFACE talks to Paul Seiler about the Ministry of Education’s review of managed learning environments and its plans to develop more standards-based LMS solutions in New Zealand schools. What is a Managed Learning Environment (MLE)? The Ministry of Education regards a managed learning environment (MLE) as the collection […]

Showcasing Hamilton to the world

When Hamilton City Council wanted to showcase their city to the world, they found Peachgrove Intermediate School had the perfect tool in the digital storytelling software MARVIN, as Sharee Richardson and David Woodcock explain. It’s not always easy for teachers to step out of their comfort zone and […]

Developing a strategy to teach digital technology

What are the aims of the Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG)? INTERFACE talks to Tracy Bowker about delivering coherent digital technology teaching and learning programmes. What are the Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG)? The DTG project is one of a series of initiatives by the Ministry of Education to support […]

Ignore copyright and you’ll end up in court

Are you illegally using copyright material? How would you know? What could happen? NZFACT’s Tony Eaton talks to us about the perils of piracy and how teachers can help. Can you start by explaining what is copyright? It applies to work that has been created and is then […]

Would you look good with a mini?

They might be small but they’re looming large in the thinking of many schools. Are they for you? INTERFACE investigates the rise of the ‘mini’ laptop. Even just a year ago they were something of a novelty from companies you’d never heard of; now it seems like everyone […]

Being as effective as possible

Swapping tuatara for teachers is a challenge he’s relishing. But after 17 years in the profession himself new Education Minister Chris Carter is under no illusions of the size of the job ahead. Are you enjoying the new job? I am! I come to it with a bit […]