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(Last Updated On: September 5, 2018)

Popular demand has prompted The Mind Lab to announce a second 2018 intake of its Master of Contemporary Education (MCE) programme.


Launching earlier this year, the MCE is an extension of The Mind Lab’s Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital & Collaborative Learning), which comprises the first 60 credits of the NZQA-recognised, 180-credit Master’s degree. Those who have already completed their Postgrad Certificate with The Mind Lab will already be a third of the way towards achieving it. 

The MCE provides a pathway for educators to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of contemporary challenges and opportunities in education. It was designed to ‘support the professional development and needs of teachers and educators in a rapidly changing education environment’.

“We had so many teachers complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning, and many of these teachers were asking us how they could carry on with their studies,” said Lynley Schofield, National Lead of the MCE programme. “We devised this new programme specifically for those teachers, but also for new teachers who are looking at changing their practice.”

Tailored to education

The Master’s programme is tailored for anyone with an interest in education, whether they are working in Early Childhood Education through to Tertiary, or in any role where they are educating staff or colleagues. The programme focuses on the question: ‘How do you best meet the needs of learners – regardless of who those learners are?’ It encourages educators to shift their teaching and pedagogy to better meet those needs, taking into account new research and contemporary practices. 

Unlike other Master’s programmes, the MCE is predominantly collaborative. The dedicated Mind Lab team supports students both online and face-to-face in workshops with peers. Students are supported and encouraged to delve into their practice and to apply their learning directly to their specific education context.

MindLab_Article_mc2eFull or part-time

The Master of Contemporary Education can be completed either full-time or part-time, over one year or two years respectively. Students can join the course from anywhere in New Zealand, and will attend the face-to-face workshops approximately every 10 weeks in Auckland. These workshops never fall on school days, allowing for flexibility and time to travel. 

The Mind Lab’s second intake of the Master’s programme will begin on 23 October, 2018. This time, a number of scholarships are on offer for Mãori, Pacific and over-60s students with an aim to support and encourage diversity. Limited scholarships can be applied for up to the 30 September, and offer select students 50 per cent off the overall fees for Part 1 and 2 of the course. 

Focus and passion

“Across the 32 weeks of the Postgraduate Certificate, we cover 32 different specific topics and a wide range of areas,” added Lynley. “With the Master of Contemporary Education, you are able to focus on topics that you are really passionate about. This is your opportunity to tailor the learning to you.”

Instead of a standard written dissertation or thesis, the Master’s programme concludes in an Education Symposium, where students present their practice-based change projects to peers and stakeholders. Some of The Mind Lab’s students may be interested to know that while the Postgrad Certificate offers collaborative assessments, this time it is the learning that is collaborative, while the assessments are individually submitted. 

The course was met by an overwhelmingly positive response from the NZQA panel. 

“We commend the academic integrity of the MCE in meeting the transformative needs of communities,” it stated. “We recognise the role and responsibilities [of The Mind Lab team] as agents for social change, and as promoters of transformative educational experiences, as evidenced in the careful and reflective construction and design of the programme.”  

By Cheryl Whitfield, Editor, and
Simone Kerr, Communications and Public Relations Manager,
The Mind Lab by Unitec.

mindlab_featureThe programme costs $9,995 + GST for the full course, or $7250 + GST if the Postgraduate Certificate part has been completed. If you’re interested in becoming a Master in Contemporary Education, head over to to book your interview. Or for more information go to or contact

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