Review: Space and style with the Belkin Active Pro

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2018)

What’s new? What do we think? What do you need to know? New devices are being pitched at the education market all the time. INTERFACE Editor Greg Adams checks out this recent addition to the ‘bag’ section of the TELA scheme.


Belkin Active Pro Rucksack

After reviewing the ‘Classic’ version in our March issue, I’ve also had the opportunity to check out its close relation, the Belkin Active Pro Rucksack

First impressions? Roomy, enough for a 15.6-inch device and more, much more. Great production quality. Plenty of pockets for storing all the odds and ends I generally end up hauling around with me.

One striking detail is the opening at the top. It’s designed in a ‘knapsack’ style, which creates a sizeable gap when the flap’s open that makes it super easy to put things in … and, of course, take them out again. I think this design also adds something to the security aspect. It’s easy to close and hard to open without the user noticing, even just a little bit. 

It’s got a tough, quality feel about it. The tags on the zippers are easy to grip and slide, there’s a decent handle on the top, and the padded shoulder straps are nice and wide, with plenty of adjustability room.

Reflection and space

Belkin-in-darkThe black colour is classy and unassuming. But built into the design are reflective stripes and a bike light loop for high visibility, which offer additional safety if you’re out at night. And did I mention the pockets? There are loads of the things – and I really like that. Inside, there are two padded compartments for your precious cargo (the back is also padded for extra protection against bumps and bangs). The larger section is for laptops; the smaller pouch can carry up to a 10-inch tablet.

In fact, the internal capacity of the Active Pro is pretty impressive. Not only could I easily accommodate whatever tech devices and accessories I needed, but also there’s room for extras, like clothes or gym kit, book/magazines, a lunchbox, potentially all sorts. 

More and more pockets

There are a side, top and back pocket, space for a drink bottle, and a couple of sleeves inside, plus a nifty ‘hidden’, zippered compartment for valuables – I won’t tell you where, you’ll have to find it for yourself!

Belkin is one of the new names providing a range of bag solutions through the updated TELA scheme. Among them is the ‘Active Pro Backpack’ (as well as the ‘Classic Pro’ we explored previously). If a rucksack is what you’re after, this is an excellent option that’s worth considering. It’s great value. It’s well made, comfortable to carry and has a massive amount of space. I wonder if they need this one back …?

Performance: _4.5-v2-stars

Design: _4.5-v2-stars

Price: 3.5-stars

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