My Endless Passion for Learning

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2018)

By Chet Pipkin, Founder and CEO, Belkin International

Chet-PipkinI’ve always been fascinated by history and global, broad-stroke thinking. I enjoy assessing the bigger picture and to look for the big and transformative changes that are taking place in the world.

Back in the early 1980s it was clear to me and many others that this transformative change was going to happen around PCs. Without knowing exactly what the transformation would look like, I set about learning everything I could, my curiosity was insatiable. I would walk into stores that sold computers and ask every question I could think of and read everything I could on the topic.

The ‘go to’ company

And so, soon thereafter, Belkin was born in 1983. We came up with the idea that we would be the ‘go-to’ company that would make ‘anything work with anything’. There was a slight hitch in this thinking, given that at the time we didn’t know how to make anything work with anything, but failure wasn’t an option! Belkin became a business built on problem solving, a business built on the endless process and passion for learning, and thus a business that developed products that helped people realise the power of technology and make their lives better, easier, more fulfilling.

Belkin’s success is a result of the people that work here, who I am privileged to work with every day. We take leaps of faith and we maintain the start-up mentality, which allows us to iterate and evolve quickly.

Our success is hard-earned, but we are very grateful for it. It’s also why we try to give back wherever we can, with community service work deeply ingrained within the Belkin company culture. I am particularly interested in the evolution of education, how to best serve our students, and how technology can support that experience. Progressive schools like the Da Vinci RISE High ( offer learning environments uniquely designed to offer a more personal, hands-on learning experience tailored to students’ varying needs, abilities and optimal methods of learning.

Break-through moments

I believe in living a life of service. One of my first jobs was working with underprivileged children at the local YMCA and I’ve never stopped looking for ways to serve and give back. I’ve had kids tell me they thought they weren’t capable of learning and have seen first-hand what happens when kids are not given an individualised opportunity to excel. There is truly nothing more special than seeing kids have these break-through moments of understanding, growth and confidence.

My journey is just beginning. My endless passion for learning and curiosity towards life and people will see to that.  

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Review: Belkin Classic Pro Backpack

Belkin is one of the new names providing a range of bag solutions through the updated TELA scheme. Among them is the ‘Classic Pro Backpack’. 

I’ve always been a satchel sort of guy. From school through to working life, I’ve opted for a bag I can sling over a shoulder. Easy. Simple. Comfortable. So, when a backpack of all things appeared on my desk, I was a but dubious to say the least.

We eyed each other suspiciously for while. I must admit, it looked pretty snazzy in its grey finish with black trim; the production quality’s very good. The tags on the zippers are easy to grip and slide, there’s a decent handle on the top, and the padded shoulder straps are a fair size, with plenty of adjustability room.

belkin-classic-pro-backpackSafe and scratch-free

The whole thing measures 42.6 (h) x 12.4 (d) x 29.8 (w) – a good size, without being overly big.

Inside, the padded compartment will keep devices safe and scratch-free during everyday use. It’s designed to hold and protect laptops/tablets up to 15.6 inches. In addition, there’s a zippered pocket, pen holder, pocket sleeve and the main central area to keep everything in its proper place. Externally, there are two separate, hand-size pockets, for quick and easy access. If I was being picky, I’d like a drink bottle holder.

Overall, I was impressed. It’s a fair price, looks good, and is comfortable to wear, but, most importantly, appears more than capable of protecting the precious cargo inside. Going out of my comfort zone, I may have found a whole new comfort zone.

Performance: 4-stars


Compiled by INTERFACE Editor Greg Adams.

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