WIN a Wireless Weather Station

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2018)



Want to watch and explore the weather with your class? All you have to do is ‘Follow us’ on Twitter and this Wireless Weather Station, could be yours.

It comes with a range of features to keep you fully updated on current and future atmospheric activity. The outdoor sensors are simple to install and will wirelessly transmit data (up to 100 metres) to the base station, which interprets and displays the data. You can also connect the base station to your computer (Windows and Mac) via USB and upload recorded data for more in-depth analysis. The sensors read: temperature (-40.0 to +65.0°C), wind speed (0-100mph), wind chill, wind direction, dew point, humidity, rainfall, and barometric pressure. The weather tendency indicator will inform you of changing conditions based on fluctuating barometric pressure and there are programmable alarm modes for all the recordable weather conditions. All minimum and maximum weather values are recorded with the time and date of recording and are stored on the base station for your reference. 

We have one of these fab weather stations up for grabs – and to find the winner, we’re doing something a little bit different. Just ‘Follow us’ on Twitter, @Interfacemag, and you’ll be in the draw. Simply follow this link:

And to be doubly sure you’re in the draw, simply enter your details below.

Entries close Wednesday 10 October.


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