DQ World raises your students’ ‘Digital Intelligence’

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)


Netsafe is encouraging schools to try DQ World, an initiative that aims to empower students to become safe, smart, and responsible digital citizens – but also needs your help to get New Zealand included in the latest research.

How well do your students deal with the demands of digital life? Help to prepare them with DQ World, a fun and interactive self-learning platform for students that research has proved gets impressive results.

“We’ve partnered with DQ Institute to bring DQ World, an evidence-based online safety education to New Zealand,” said Martin Cocker, Netsafe’s Chief Executive Officer. “The curriculum of 20 lessons over 10 hours is delivered through storytelling and gamified design. At the end of each lesson, students take an online, real-time assessment that provides DQ scores for each of the skills acquired.”

DQ (digital intelligence quotient) is the technical, mental and social skills needed to navigate the digital universe safely and with discernment.

“Research from a pilot study in Singapore shows DQ World can raise students’ DQ by 10 per cent.”

Help get New Zealand in a global report

“By participating, schools will not only feed into the Global DQ Index Report, but also help to shape DQ Institute’s work. However, for New Zealand to be included in the 2018 report, we need 500 students to complete the programme by 30 November, 2017, so we urge schools to get involved.”

Help Netsafe achieve this goal. In return for helping to achieve this goal, Netsafe has arranged for the first 10 schools to get 50 students through the programme before 30 November to receive free, Premium DQ School Reports, which will reveal actionable insights of students. Go to Register as a School/Group. Enter the access code: NETSAFE. Start!

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