What should happen to ElectroCity?

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Genesis Energy’s popular online game ElectroCity is 10 years old. Should it retire? Be replaced? Or be renewed? Help us decide.


Have you or your students played Genesis Energy’s online energy game ElectroCity ( sometime in the past decade? That’s right, it is now 10 years old, which, for an online computer game, is ancient! Yet, its appeal endures.

Many people – both in New Zealand and around the world – love it. Genesis Energy is now looking to the next phase and needs to decide where next – retire, replace or renew. And it’s seeking your help to decide.

If you’ve played ElectroCity, you’re invited to fill out a quick survey. Not only will you be part of deciding the popular game’s future …. but every completed survey from a New Zealand-based student or educator will go in the draw to win a NZ Survivor Solar Oven (RRP $199).


Wanted: your feedback

ElectroCity was developed by Genesis Energy in 2007, specifically for students between Years 7 and 9. Players build and manage their own virtual towns and cities, making important decisions and learning about energy generation and environmental issues, plus many more practical and relevant concepts.


Conceived in the days before widespread mobile computing and requiring Adobe Flash, it’s now time for Genesis Energy to decide what to do with ElectroCity and would love to get your feedback to guide the next step.


To have your say go to

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