Develop your e-learning skills with ‘Tech Toolbox’

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2017)

techtoolboxAre you struggling to keep up with your students when it comes to digital technology or maybe looking to test out technologies set to transform the classroom? Introducing The Mind Lab’s ‘Tech Toolbox’.

This month, The Mind Lab by Unitec is launching Tech Toolbox. Based in Auckland, the 10-week course has been specifically created to help adults who want to experience The Mind Lab and not be left behind by technological advancements or their tech-savvy kids!

“The hands-on programme will immerse attendees in digital and creative technologies that are soon to shape our world,” said Fee McLeod, General Manager of The Mind Lab by Unitec.

“Each week, attendees will have the opportunity to master a different creative technology, including building a robot, building a website, building an electronic car, and creating, editing and uploading videos. By learning key skills such as problem solving and collaboration, and participating in the sharing of knowledge and experience, attendees will leave with a broad, practical knowledge of what the future holds.”

The first intake will be in February 2017, with subsequent intakes in May, July, and October. The cost of the programme is $850 + GST. Attendees can bring a friend over the age of 13 each week for free.  You can find out more at 




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