ACTIVboardNZ rebrands as ‘Active Vision

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2017)

activevision-web-header-transparent-200x102Technology in education is about looking forward with new learning opportunities, but when David Parker bought ACTIVboardNZ in May 2015, he saw the name of the company as holding back its potential, writes Lee Suckling.

“An interactive white board (IWB) is still a fantastic educational tool but has now been replaced with the new ActivPanel,” explained David Parker, owner of Active Vision. “The ActivPanel shares all the benefits of an IWB but does not use a projector, so there’s no need to be recalibrated and it is not effected by ambient light whilst still being able to use all existing ActivInspire resources.

“Having a company name associated with a single product has also pigeonholed us when we have so much more to offer.”

Rebranding as Active Vision, the company is now wholly future-focused.

“We sell interactive panels, software, wireless connectivity technology and so much more,” said Parker.

catchbox_pentaclass“When I bought the business, I had researched the future technology for education from Promethean and other suppliers – and knew interactive whiteboards would need to be replaced over time with a more flexible, engaging and easier-to-use solution that could also be mobile, and that provides better educational outcomes”

Improve engagement

Active Vision’s product and service line-up seeks to improve engagement and the in-classroom experience.

“We are specialists in our field and are here to help schools and teachers transition to this new technology. We still have a large IWB customer base and have the full capability to continue to support them with repairs and replacement projectors.

“For those schools that have had Activboards or other branded IWBs for many years, we can help, advise and guide them into the right replacement technology.”

activpanelsActive Vision represents both Promethean and Sahara Clevertouch in New Zealand. The two international companies have been in the interactive technology market for many years and also offer support and software to complement their core products. Promethean is known as the leading brand of interactive panels for the educational market worldwide.

Must-have technology

“We are very proud that K12 schools around the world have expressed preference for the Promethean ActivPanel as a must-have technology for the modern classroom,” said Vincent Young, Chief Marketing Officer at Promethean, when it was announced in June 2016 that Promethean was the top seller in the US market.

Here in New Zealand, Active Vision will continually add new technology as it is developed to its product range, according to Parker. Under new ownership, it has a new focus and new innovative interactive solutions for learning, sharing, collaboration and wireless connectivity.

“Active Vision has the resources and knowledge, learnt over many years in the industry. It is now positioned to provide the best products and support to both existing loyal customers and the growing new markets and partners that are discovering the benefits and efficiency of our solutions,” added Parker.

“The name might have changed but it’s business as usual for our customers throughout New Zealand.”

Lee Suckling writes for INTERFACE Magazine.


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