Cyclone offers a way for all students to have devices

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2016)

cyclone-logoLooking for a way to achieve student ownership of devices that is both compliant and all inclusive? A new initiative from Cyclone may just be the answer.

Digital devices are becoming more pervasive in the hands of students. Teachers are moving their learning programmes towards a digital environment.

In July, the Minister of Education announced the introduction of digital technology into The New Zealand Curriculum. With this came the intention to value digital fluency across all subjects – that is the appropriate and confident use of technological thinking and tool use. NZQA has announced the implementation of external examinations becoming digitally administered starting in 2018.

cyclone-woman“These directions place a high expectation upon schools to find a solution to enable all students to have access to appropriate digital devices,” said Leigh Gibbrd, Cyclone’s National Schools Sales Manager. “It appears that these resources will not be provided for by the state, yet school communities are to somehow ensure that ‘no student misses out’.

BOTs and school compliance

“Cyclone understands the fiscal current requirements of schools pursuant to both the Education Act and also the Public Sector Accounting protocols.

“We are now in a position to offer a way for a school to achieve student ownership of devices that is both compliant and all inclusive. The proposal is applicable to various digital devices as may be appropriate for the school community and may include Apple iPads and MacBooks (Air or MBP), PC laptops, Microsoft Surface devices, and Chromebooks (various vendors).”

Meeting expectations

Cyclone’s initiative makes the following assumptions about student ownership of devices:

  • Digital devices as part of a well implemented digital teaching and learning programme will improve learning outcomes;
  • Digital devices should be in the hands of students at all times and should be owned by all students/caregivers;
  • Devices should be able to be used both at school and home;
  • No credit checks are to be made on families;
  • No liability will rest with the BOT/school;
  • That BOT wishes to assist with the provision and reduce the cost to their families;
  • The school/COL will select the appropriate device(s) to meet their education needs/learning outcomes;
  • That provision has been made for network capability; and
  • That staff professional learning has been/will be provided to ensure that the digital implementation is successful.

“Cyclone wishes to implement a fair, scalable, sustainable and viable solution in partnership with a school’s BOT,” said Gibbard. “Some parents may wish to purchase the recommended device bundle outright. Others will want to own the device but are not eligible for retail credit programmes.

Supplier of devices

“Cyclone will become the supplier of devices to the school community. We will secure funds (by lease agreement), buy the devices and accompanying services, and provide them directly to the caregivers via a 36-month extended payment agreement. Contributions will be collected via direct debits – a mechanism that will be administered for Cyclone via Debit Success. Throughout the process, we will show an open book approach on margins and costs.”

Provision will also be made for associated costs (Administration Fee), including:

  • Management of the supply of devices and recovery of payments from parents;
  • Administrative costs of running the finance scheme includes legal fees, accountancy costs, reconciliations, account management;
  • Cost of chasing up slow/non payers (emails, phone calls, letters, debt collection agency, repossession agent);
  • Administrative requirements imposed on Cyclone by the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act; and
  • Provision for risk management.

“A number of issues will need to be negotiated,” added Gibbard, “such as how much of the associated costs that the school is willing to contribute as part of a managed service fee, to enable the programme implementation.

“This initiative offers a great way to achieve student ownership of devices that is both compliant and inclusive. We invite schools to contact us to find
out more.”   

For more information,
contact 0800 686 686 and, or visit


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