Build Your Own PC on a Budget: A DIY Guide for Hobbyists and Gamers

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2016)

By John Mueller

Build-Your-Own-PC-on-a-Budget_finalThis DIY guide shows, step-by-step, how to build a custom PC with great functionality for little cost Enthusiasts already realise that building a PC from the ground up can be fun and educational – this practical guide shows that it can also be cost-effective. By assembling a custom PC, you can ensure that your computer has everything that you want and not waste money and processor power on features that you don’t want.

This book is aimed at today’s experimenters, and hobbyists, those who want to know computers from the inside out. Thanks to step-by-step assembly instructions, illustrations, and high-quality photos, you will learn how to put together a reliable, high-performance PC that doesn’t cost a fortune. You’ll discover how to choose the best components, install operating systems and applications, connect to networks and the internet (including via wireless connections), add peripherals, and keep your home-made system in top-running condition.

PC security, maintenance, and software update procedures are covered in full detail. You will get guidance on extending PC functionality with add-ons such as external wireless security cameras and more. It also shows how to perform tasks immediately, so it’s possible to starting having fun with the new PC as quickly as possible.

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Published: November 2015

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