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(Last Updated On: July 29, 2015)

Big-BrotherConcerned about security? Absolute Computrace can provide schools with comprehensive control over their computing devices with a hidden on-board chip, writes Andrew Fergus.

Keeping hardware and data protected against theft and loss is becoming an increasing challenge for schools. One answer could be ‘Persistence Technology’ from Computrace, which provides visibility and control over all of your devices, regardless of user or location.

Installed in more than half a billion devices worldwide, the ‘Persistence Chip’ is built into the firmware and once enabled cannot be turned off, even when the device is wiped.

Where can you get it?

Simply purchasing an HP Care Pack for Computrace gives access to the technology by activating the persistence chip on HP devices (and all other major brands). This service also includes remote data delete capabilities to protect confidential data stored on stolen hard drives.

How does it work?

Computrace tracks computers via any internet connection, regularly collecting asset information from each device regardless of its physical location. This allows administrators to keep track of where computers are located, who’s using them, and what’s installed on them. These benefits assist in lowering management costs and deterring theft. In the event of theft, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team uses this asset information to track the stolen computer, and then works closely with local police to recover the device. Absolute maintains the industry’s highest computer theft reclamation rate and offers an up to $1,000 recovery guarantee if not returned within 60 days.

With persistence technology enabled you are able to:

  • Collect incredibly accurate and comprehensive information from each device, and
  • Create customised policies and alerts to be notified when a change is detected.

Data and Device Security

If any device is not secure, then the data it contains is at risk. Absolute Computrace allows you to remotely engage with the device so that data can be safeguarded or removed:

  • Remotely delete sensitive data on computers at risk;
  • Produce an audit log of the deleted files to prove compliance;
  • Freeze a device and send a message to the user (even if the device is offline);
  • Remotely retrieve files from a device regardless of user or location; and
  • Monitor the status of encryption on each end-point.


The physical location of a device can often predict if it’s secure or at risk, so knowing where it is (and where it’s been) can be an important factor within your policy. Computrace allows users to track assets on an internet map, including current and historical locations, and build ‘geofences’ (perhaps the school boundary). Also use it to investigate and determine device status based on its physical location.

End-point forensics

The ability to understand why and how something happened is critical, especially when proving chain of custody or when criminal activity is suspected. The Absolute Investigations team can:

  • Forensically mine a stolen computer regardless of location;
  • Use key captures, registry and file scanning, geolocation, and other investigative techniques to understand how and why a device was breached; and
  • Determine who has the device, what they’re doing with it, and whether any data was accessed.

Asset Administration

Computrace allows the collection of incredibly accurate and comprehensive information from each device, from user identification and physical location, to hardware and software, antivirus and encryption status. Ultimately, by using a cloud-based interface such as this, schools can manage and protect their entire deployment, desktops, laptops, and ultra-portable devices.   

Andrew Fergus is Education Business Manager for Lexel Education Solutions.

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