Google launches ‘Drive For Education’ with unlimited storage

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2014)

google_apps_logoStudents whose schools use Google Apps for Education will soon be able to store as many files in their Google Drive folders as they like.

Earlier this year, Google launched Drive for Work, its premium $10/month version of Google Drive with unlimited storage and a couple of additional enterprise features. Today, the company announced that is bringing unlimited storage to Google Apps for Education soon, too, with the launch of Drive for Education.

Individual files can measure up to 5TB, which should be more than enough for most legitimate use cases.

Just like the rest of the Google Apps for Education suite, Drive for Education is available free of charge for all non-profit educational institutions (and there are no ads either). As a Google spokesperson told me, Drive for Education will automatically become available to all Google Apps for Education users over the coming weeks. This is a slow rollout, however, and it will be a few weeks before it reaches all users.


Source: TechCrunch

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