Two new developments for N4L’s Pond

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2014)

logo_n4lNetwork for Learning (N4L) has announce two major developments to help its portal Pond become an integral part of teacher planning.

It’s now open to all educators working in New Zealand schools, and N4L has also recently introduced its new Make a Splash programme – “a self-manage programme to introduce school departments, faculties or whole staff to what Pond can offer. It’s effectively a scaffolded and wholesale way to get your school staff into Pond, just in time for planning for 2015”, says N4L.


Pond Open to All Educators

“If you’re a teacher who’s been waiting for an opportunity to get into Pond, all you need now is an Education Sector Logon with specific Pond entitlement. If you have access to e-asTTle, you’ll probably already have the right entitlements to jump straight into Pond. If you’re unsure what entitlements you have or need to set up a new Education Sector Logon account please contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk by calling 0800 422 599 or emailing”


Make a Splash Programme

  • Get all staff in Pond at once
  • A quick and easy programme to follow
  • Track how your staff are doing and lend a hand when needed

“If you’re a teacher or school leader interested in getting part or all of your school into Pond and participating in a directed activity-based programme designed to steadily integrate and teach you about the possibilities of Pond, register for Make a Splash here. The programme is designed to follow a ‘light touch’ approach which doesn’t demand much of your time at all but allows you to monitor how your staff are going in Pond so that you can appropriately support them while giving them all of the skills they need to discover inspiration and thrive in Pond.”


Source: N4L


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