500 ‘Pioneer Educators’ now in Pond

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2014)

Network for Learning’s Pioneer Educator programme now more than 500 Pioneer Educators splashing around inside Pond, as the N4L team reports:

‘The support from the education sector has been amazing and demand for Pioneer invites far exceeded our expectations. We kept our promise of giving everyone who attended one of our workshops an invite which means this number will continue growing as the last Pioneers sign in for the first time.

‘Now that all of the Pioneer Educator workshops are complete we can begin working with our Pioneers to shape Pond and prepare it for the wider education community. While no new Pioneer invites will be issued, any teachers who have an unused invite can can still jump in and start exploring Pond for themselves. More information about how we’ll engage with our Pioneers over the coming months will be shared soon.

‘For those of you who have experienced problems getting in Pond, we appreciate your patience and feedback. We understand your frustration and are working with the Ministry of Education to improve this process ready for widespread educator access.

‘We are also excited to announce a new phase of the Pond Rollout – our Pioneer School programme. We are currently working with a couple of schools to plan how this might look and will share more information about this new phase of Pond’s development shortly – stay tuned!’


Source: N4L Blog



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