Reader Survey 2008 – Results

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2014)

Thanks to everyone who took part in our reader survey – you’ve given us plenty to think about. Here is what we found.

How are you using ICT?
The majority of you use your computers ‘all the time’ (72.9%). Nearly three-quarters (74.1%) have attended an ICT educational event in the last 12 months. Your favourite activity is digital photography (80.1%).
When you‘re considering new equipment, your number one most important factor is:
• Performance and functionality – 47.1%
• Price – 18.2%
• Trusted brand – 14.4%
• Support and maintenance – 10.7%
• Reviews and recommendations – 5.9%
• Green credentials – 3.7%

The technologies you would most like to get your hands on are interactive whiteboards (41.8%) and videoconferencing (18.4%). One in 10 has a hankering to start podcasting (9.9%), closely followed by wikis (8.5%) and blogging (7.8%).
Just 36.8% participate in a social networking site, of which Facebook is by far the leading choice (57.1%), ahead of Bebo (23.8%) and Twitter (4.8%).

Where are you from?
The biggest group of respondents came from Auckland (17.1%), followed by Canterbury (16.4%) and the Bay of Plenty (13.7%). Nearly three-quarters of you were from the North Island (73.3%) and three out of five replied online (60.1%).

Who are you?
• Teacher (ICT-related subject) – 35.3%
• Principal/senior management – 33.8%
• Teacher (non-ICT) – 23.7%
• Primary – 56.5%; Secondary – 30.1%

What about your school’s ICT capabilities?
More than half (51.7%) are rated ‘good’ but 31.5% could do better with just a mark of ‘fair’ or ‘not so good’. The majority of schools buy and lease their technology (57.6%), a third just buy (32.6%) and only a few choose to just lease (6.9%). Half of you have a learning management system (51.4%) and most use solely the Windows operating system (72.3%), ahead of Mac (4.2%) and Linux (2.1%). One in five has a combination.

Two-thirds of school’s recycle at least some old computers and ICT equipment. Among the reasons given for not recycling are:
• “Too hard, too slow to complete”
• “No labour resource available”
• “Has not been deemed important”
• “No local recycling centre”
• “We do not know how to”
• “Bought equipment tends to be thrown out. It should be recycled but there are no procedures in place for this yet”

What do you think about INTERFACE?
The most read sections in the magazine are:
• Feature articles (95.8% of ‘every’ or ‘most’ issues);
• Noticeboard (90.1%);
• How to (90.1%);
• File Share (87.7%);
• Lesson Plans (87.3%).

The most useful sections are:
• Feature articles (95.7% are ‘excellent’ or ‘good’);
• Noticeboard (88.4%);
• File Share (88.1%);
• How to (87.9%);
• In Focus (86.3%)

What do you do with your copy of INTERFACE?
Keep it for future reference – 66.9%
Pass to a colleague/staff – 29.9%
Throw away – 1.9%

Finally, a rewarding nine out of 10 of our readers (92.3%) refer to each issue twice or more. Sixty per cent of you spend 15 minutes to one hour reading each issue, and more than a quarter (26.9%) spend more than an hour.

Thank you for responding and helping us to bring you an even better magazine.

Readers’ reward
Congratulations to Rachel Dixon, of Fairfield Primary School in Hamilton, whose name was drawn from all entries in our Reader Survey competition. She receives an HP2133 Mini-Note.

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