Students show high interest in money game app

Stand Tall is a fun and free game designed to help young people with intellectual disabilities learn how to manage their money. It’s currently being put through its paces by students in some Wellington secondary schools, write Penny Harding. Stand Tall challenges its players to think about their […]

Code Master: Programming Logic Game

Try a different take on coding by learning the basics without a computer. In Code Master: Programming Logic Game, travel to an exotic world in search of power crystals. Along the way, players use programming logic to navigate the map. But think carefully as, in each level, only […]

USB Dust Plug Charging Port Cover

Dust. Clothing Lint. Sand. Crumbs. Dirt. There are all manner of unwanted materials that can find their way into the ports on your devices. Gradually, they can build up and, eventually, start to cause connection and charging problems. Keep them out and your ports clean and empty with […]

Foldable, Wired Over-Ear Headphones

Using headphones helps students focus and keeps sound levels down in the classroom. The Kubite Foldable, Wired Over-Ear Headphones are great for the job, offering high-quality sound, practical design and ease of use. Enjoy comfortable listening thanks to the adjustable headband length and soft ear cushion. The foldable […]

Brainbox FM Radio Electronic Kit

Learn how an FM radio works with this awesome ‘snap and play’ kit from BrainBox. As with all Brainbox kits there’s no soldering or trimming required as the set uses brightly coloured simple components with press-stud connectors. The radio kit includes: 2 x two-snap connectors, 3 x three-snap […]

When was the last time you asked your librarian for help?

Think that you could benefit from a better relationship with your librarian? Ask them for help! In my experience, there are three stand-out ways that Accessit Library can empower librarians to really make a difference for teachers and tamariki, writes Carole Gardiner. Having made the step from fulltime […]

Robi Mini Wireless Speaker

It might be small in stature but its sounds sure are big. This Robi Mini Wireless Speaker packs quite an audible punch. The small size – 4.8cm height by 4.5cm diameter – makes it perfect for carrying around. It comes with a USB charger cable and a handy […]

Puluz Photo Studio Light Box

Take your photo shoots to a new level with a PULUZ Photo Studio Light Box. Designed for small photography projects, this photo tent lets you quickly, easily and clearly photograph small items. The built-in, USB-powered LED light provides even lighting, and prevents shadow and reflection. There are six […]

Sandisk Ultra 128GB SDXC Card

SanDisk Ultra SDXC cards offer fast downloads (up to 30MB/s), and high capacity and performance to capture and store 128GB of images and video – that’s about 8,000 photos or 160 mins of HD full HD video. Compatible with SDHC and SDXC digital devices, SanDisk cards are shockproof, […]