Category: Issue 70

Get serious with tech

New Zealand’s technology sector is facing a shortage of skilled digital workers. HPE’s David Eaton believes part of the solution is including digital skills in the Curriculum from a young age and upskilling teachers to use digital technology more effectively. David Eaton has identified a number of challenges […]

‘Game on’ for empathy in learning

Empathy meets technology when students consider the people they are designing outcomes for – be it a piece of writing, a technology product or a game design, writes Wayne Erb. Philippa Nicoll Antipas’ laptop slips just as we begin to chat via Skype and suddenly I have a […]

Review: Drive coding with Sphero SPRK

What’s new? What do we think? What do you need to know? There is a selection of new devices being pitched at the education market. INTERFACE Editor Greg Adams checks out a new robotic and coding addition. Sphero SPRK Edition There’s only one thing better than a Sphero […]

Networked projectors offer easy access

How often do you want to access the internet but can’t because your device is connected via Wi-Fi to the classroom projector? It’s one or the other … but not both. St Andrew’s College has worked with Epson to find a way to do things differently. “Epson gave […]

ActivPanels in action

After more than seven years with interactive whiteboards (IWBs) in every classroom, Hamilton’s Berkley Normal Middle School decided it was time for a change and swapped to ActivPanels, touch-capable, LED displays, writes Lee Suckling.  “In our school, we’re really well resourced. We see digital tools as vital, and […]