Category: Issue 54

Is wireless interfering with your BYOD plans?

You’ve been SNUP-ed, so now it’s full steam ahead with your BYOD roll-out, right? Well, possibly but before launching into it, determine the capability of the network and ensure it’s up to both the challenge and the expectations, writes David Kinane. Wi-Fi is a game changer for education. […]

Education and information in isolation

Niua School is in Pukapuka, one of the most isolated places in the Pacific. Matthew Easterbrook recalls his experiences visiting and how the small school’s making big steps towards utilising technology as a learning and teaching tool. The distinctive shape of a stingray is visible as the three […]

Yahoo and NetSafe exchange safety ideas

Last month, Yahoo’s Connie Chung came to New Zealand to work with NetSafe. She experienced the online challenges we face and plans to use what she’s learned to help make the internet a safer place for Kiwis. At Yahoo, we’re focused on making the world’s daily habits inspiring […]