Category: Issue 22

A new way of running school software

A new way of running school software Burnham School has adopted a cloud computing solution, taking much of its administration online. Lee Suckling talks to Principal Rob Clarke about his school’s use of Google Apps. “Google Apps offers incredible flexibility, the whole nature of communication can change when […]

Should computers be allowed in exams?

That was the question we asked. While the majority of you aren’t in favour, it’s fair to say opinion is somewhat divided. Here’s what you had to say. “No. There is too much out there. It’s too easy to get EVERYTHING off the Internet. It would be silly […]

Should you put your head in the cloud?

Is your understanding of the technology a little hazy? Looking for the silver lining? Lee Suckling forecasts a bright future for cloud computing. What is cloud computing and where did it begin? “Cloud computing is the ability to share and collaborate documents and projects with others on the […]