Category: Issue 20

How not to stuff up selecting a server

The server is probably the most important piece of kit on your computer network. Choosing the right one for your school takes planning and know-how, writes Greg Adams. What is a server? If you’re not familiar with servers you may think of them as some mystical beast with […]

Testing times ahead for the role of computers

Should students be allowed access in exams to computers or even the Internet? Author and exam guru Patrick Sherratt looks at the pros and cons such a move would bring. In their latest book, Unlimited, Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos deliver an amazing array of examples of how […]

Will you be joining the eBook club?

While today’s students have wide ranging technology at their fingertips, the electronic book market in schools is still in its infancy. Lee Suckling takes a look at the use and value of eBooks. “While we’re not ready to pull the plug on libraries just yet, eBooks will become […]