Category: Issue 16

Finding ways to save & prosper

Technology doesn’t come cheap. Thankfully, there are ways to make your tech dollar go further. Greg Adams finds some practical ways to ensure your ICT spending is worth every cent … and more. Money’s always tight in schools and it pays to make the most of what you […]

Do you need provoking to use technology?

The successful use of ICT in teaching is as much about engagement and curiosity as it is about technology believes education specialist Bruce Dixon. In your experience, what’s stopping teachers using technology? I think it’s a misconception that teachers themselves are challenged by technology. What they’re challenged by, […]

Engaging students with Xbox 360

Late last year, Southwell School was selected for a Microsoft Innovative Schools Pilot Project. Its winning proposal, Colab, is investigating the potential of online gaming as a way of engaging students in deep learning. Jo Wilson explains how it’s going. The work of Mark Prensky, Lisa Garlaneau and […]