Category: Issue 15

Quick Q & A: Copyright

Can’t I copy things if it’s for an educational purpose? No. Usually the permitted uses under the Copyright Act do not give institutions enough leeway to use copyright for educational purposes. What types of work are covered by copyright? Most educational resources are copyright works – books, songs, […]

Plagiarism: Catch classroom cheats

Technology has made it easy for students to copy. a simple Google search will find a stack of information they can present as their own. if you’re worried about plagiarism, Matthew Humber suggests a solution. Plagiarism is a problem that affects all educational institutions. It undermines the hard […]

Projectors for Classrooms scheme

As part of its TELA Laptops for Teachers initiative, the Ministry of Education has set up a similar scheme for data projectors, called ‘Projectors in Classrooms’. Deals have been negotiated with five manufacturers: Acer, Epson, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba. A total of 22 projectors are currently available through […]

There’s more to it than just buying a projector

Data projectors have become a ‘must have’ technology in modern classrooms but installing them can come with some unexpected challenges, warns Andre Kneepkens. At Maidstone Intermediate everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief as the last stage of an ICT implementation policy has drawn to a close. […]