Category: Issue 14

What’s it take to put a laptop in every teacher’s hands?

It’s one of the Ministry’s most successful ever ICT initiatives. Colin McGregor talks about how it’s happened and what the future holds for TELA. What is TELA? The Laptops for Teachers Scheme (TELA) was established in 2002 and provides state and integrated schools the opportunity to lease subsidised […]

Teachers are only as good as their online resources

Malcolm Hay wanted to learn how to develop online resources that would encourage independent learning among his carpentry students. His research led him to test how students actually use the Web and how they react to simple interactive learning environments. Here’s what he found. We now have online […]

We made our own TV studio

It didn’t cost much for WPS TV to start broadcasting successfully each morning, explains James Campbell. We hand-built our school’s TV studio three years ago in the storage area behind the hall stage (where the gym mats and spare chairs are supposed to be stored, a much more […]