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More than half of schools using N4L’s Managed Network

Network for Learning (N4L) has announced it’s started the new school term with more than half of schools using its Managed Network. More than 400,000 students and 28,000 teachers from nearly 1300 schools are now using N4L’s internet services, complete with uncapped data, web filtering and network security […]

Raspberry Pi 2 now on sale

While Raspberry Pi fans were told to expect a brand new board somewhere around 2017, it turns out this isn’t the case. The new Raspberry Pi 2 is now on sale for US$35/£25 and has some fundamental upgrades. What’s changed? The processor on-board has been upgraded to a 900MHz quad-core chip and […]

Pupils believe schools being left behind by new technology

New polling of over 1,000 British teenagers aged between 16 and 18 years reveals schools are being left behind by new technology and that the vast majority of pupils are more advanced in using education technology than their teachers. The independent research, conducted by specialist polling agency YouthSight and […]

Free online textbooks from top UK private school

A leading UK private school, with some of the best results in England, is publishing digital textbooks which are available to download free online. The Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge is publishing 12 multimedia textbooks for IGCSE biology. They are being made available on Apple’s iBooks online store […]

Google, Khan Academy join in student privacy pledge

Fifteen more companies, including Google and the YouTube-based educational organization Khan Academy,  have signed on to a pledge to protect student privacy. The pledge was highlighted in a speech by US President Obama last week, in which he also said he will introduce legislation to protect data collected in the classroom. […]

High school students learn to fight cybercrime

Bellevue West student Tyler Grafft is in the middle of a high school competition, and he’s just scored for his team…by finding two unauthorized users that weren’t supposed to be on a computer. In this competition, there are no cheering fans, screaming parents, pep bands or PA announcers. […]

Google releases guide to help schools ‘activate’ technology

Google has released what it calls “a guide to activating technology in schools”. Intended to assist teachers and ICT administrators, the guide is organised by a ‘5-step approach to deploying a digital education solution’: Defining your goals Investing in Internet access Building your team Offering web tools Managing the change […]

Technology helps blind kids ‘see’ stars

An innovative Kiwi is about to teach astronomy to blind students with the help of 3D printer technology. It will be a first for New Zealand’s education system with a pilot programme set to launch this year. Designer and entrepreneur Arturo Pelayo is the brains behind Tactile Astronomy, a […]

Eyes in classes follow those in Google Glasses

Do you think academics will forever be dismissed by their students as uncool and out of touch? Think again, because 2015 could be the year that wearable technology enters the classroom. That’s according to lecturers at the University of Glasgow who have taken part in one of the […]

More Far North schools to roll out digital classrooms

A $130,000 Rotary grant has enabled a Far North education trust to expand a revolutionary internet-based teaching system across the region. Paihia School, Kawakawa School and Northland College will join a group of low-decile schools leading the introduction of ‘digital classrooms’ when they open at the start of […]