Maths competition offers $20,000 cash prize!

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2017)

Primary students across New Zealand and Australia will battle it out to show their maths proficiency in Matific’s inaugural Maths competition, starting 31 August. Up for grabs is $50,000 worth of prizes, including a major first prize of $20,000 cash.

“There will be an initial ‘warm up’ period from 14 to 30 August that’s designed to give teachers the opportunity to become familiar with the platform before starting the main competition,” said Brent Hughes, education expert at Matific. “The competition is based around usage and the collection of Matific stars. The more students play, the more stars are collected and the higher their chance of winning the major first prize.

“Matific provides educators with an empowering resource that allows young learners to view maths in a fun and logical manner, understand concepts at their own pace, and develop a lifelong appreciation of how maths is used in the real world.”

Competition ends 13 September. Register your school at


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