10 apps for your teaching toolbox in 2024

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2023)
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Want to try something new next year? Yes, of course, you do! So, here’s a selection of apps you might want to add to your classroom kete. We’ve tried to select ones that do a range of tasks and, hopefully, you haven’t used before. Give them a go and see what you think.

For a quick and easy to use data visualisation program try Vizdium ( Simply upload your information and choose from a variety of charts, graphs and models to display it, from barplots and heat maps, to scatter plots, histograms and more. Download or export the results once you’re done. No sign-up required.

Beehiiv ( is an all-in-one newsletter platform for creating, distributing, and tracking email newsletters. The editor offers the basic design elements, such as headers, lists, quotes, links, images, and buttons. There’s also a website, subscriber forms, advertising, and analytics as part of the package.

Tell your story with AI-powered Journey ( The site let you create a collection of blocks, each representing a piece of content, perhaps a PDF, a text block, a video, embeds from your favourite tools, or something more interactive like a chatbot. Get started with the free basic plan.

 Need help deciding on a random choice or outcome? Spin Wheel ( lets you add any text to the wheel and then spin it. Simply add your choices (up to seven) and edit the design. You can also create multiple wheels to use separately or together, view the outcomes of each, and save as needed.

Discuss, plan, schedule, brainstorm, manage, and collaborate all on one online whiteboard at Vucac ( Start a board and add any content – text, comments, images, sticky notes, doodles, timers, votes, and more. And with just a few clicks, invite others to interact and share. Get five whiteboards for free.

Make fun and effective Q&A flashcards with TestMe ( Powered by AI, upload notes and study materials, choose the Q&As and take the test (which can also be shared with others). Retake tests as often as needed to achieve the required proficiency. It’s free and offers up to 4,000 flashcards a month.

Want to make clear and impressive timelines and roadmaps in just a few clicks? Try Office Timeline Online ( Firstly, choose between the online tool and a PowerPoint add-in. Select from a wide variety of templates, then add dates, milestones, and other events to create your very own personal timeline.

Create a shared online photo album with Pixed ( Start by naming your album, then select the photos to add. Provide an email address and the site will send a back-up link to the album. You can add further photos and share the album for other to view or add photos, via a QR code or weblink.

The clue’s in the name. Listium ( is a platform that combines elements of articles, spreadsheets, galleries, slideshows and maps, to create a home for any list. Sign up for a free account to start creating and sharing lists, or to explore, follow and use lists published by others.

XYZ ( They can contain anything you like, from historical settings to arcade games, escape rooms or bedroom designs, to interactive stories. Move objects, add new ones from the library, change colours and lighting, and even add animation. Save and share.

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