Doing things a little differently is just the way we roll at academyEX

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2023)

The Mind Lab you know and love is still here, only now it’s a faculty of academyEX, where it continues its mission to make education exactly what you need for the real-world challenges you want to solve.

Learning to extend your skills takes effort and commitment over and above your regular day to day. There’s no denying that. But when you do it with others, you share the journey and growth. Here at academyEX, we do things a little differently, and so can you, making a sustainable, impactful change in the world and in the lives of your students.

That’s what’s so exciting about learning with academyEX. We’re all about learning that is highly practical and focuses on adding measurable value to your school, classroom, or community. If you study with a friend or colleague you can even choose to work on your project together.

You’ll also meet people you may not ordinarily cross paths with, who work in different industries and have different perspectives. Guided by the value we place in ako, or reciprocal learning, we encourage everyone to bring their experience and expertise to class discussions.

Postgraduate Certificate

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning (DCL) has changed since starting in 2014. It can now be done fully online, from wherever you are, with weekly interactive 90-minute Zoom sessions. Optionally, you can join some sessions face to face at academyEX Auckland HQ during the school holidays.

There are now just four competency-based assessments, two of which are collaborative, so you’re not in it alone. Whilst teaching happens in English, you can submit all your assessments in Te Reo Ma-ori and in various formats (including video). And with stackable credits, after completing DCL you’ll be one third of the way to your Masters!

We’re here to help you create impactful futures by extending your skills and knowledge with focus on the future while also building a tool kit to use right away. Do it your way and join us at academyEX!

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