Netsafe launches bite-sized online safety modules

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2023)

Netsafe has unveiled new educational resources called ‘Micro Learning Moments’. Supported by the Ministry of Education, the new classroom-friendly materials are bite-size interactive modules that can be used to encourage critical thinking around topics important to young people.

A new online learning platform has been launched by Netsafe. Designed specifically for Year 9-11 students, it aims to improve digital literacy and online safety among young people. The Ministry of Education funded initiative is available free to schools across Aotearoa.

The learning platform features six Micro Learning Moments – interactive modules that are less than 20 minutes long. These bite-sized modules are designed to be engaging and accessible, and they cover a range of topics that are important to young people including online bullying, online identity, and digital wellbeing.

Co-designed topics

The six topics chosen as most important to the young people who co-designed them (and their learning outcomes) include:

  • Be Your Selfie – how to think critically about images we see online and discuss how altered images can affect wellbeing
  • Block the Bullies – exploring how laws in Aotearoa protect us from bullies, what we can do about bullying and who can help us
  • Find your Balance – planning how we can get the best out of life on and off-line
  • News or Views – investigating how to tell what is real and not real online and what we can do when people share something that isn’t trustworthy
  • Protect your Brand – creating a reputable online brand and explore how you can respect the future you
  • Own your Info – exploring how the internet learns from us, what that data can be used for and what we can do to take control of our information.

While the learning moments are aimed specifically at Year 9-11 students, they are designed to incorporate easily into existing curriculum and can be used by parents and young people who are home-schooling. Siblings and other family members of students in the school community can also access the resources freely, creating a partnership between home and school that promotes digital literacy and online safety for all.

Societal problems

What makes the launch of this platform particularly special is that it was developed as part of the CreativeHQ GovTech Accelerator ( Netsafe participated with teams from across government and other organisations to learn how to develop innovative products and solutions to big societal problems.

The development included a process of co-design with design jams hosting teachers and students alike, who chose the topics and created the storyboards with Netsafe. Schools then tested the demo versions in classrooms, gathering feedback so Netsafe could improve them before launch. Co-design and user experience processes were key to ensuring the learning moments were relevant and resonate with end-users. The result is a set of learning modules that are not only informative but also engaging and fun to use.

With these new resources for schools, teachers, and parents – Netsafe further demonstrates its commitment to digital literacy and online safety among young people. The informative and engaging and Micro Learning Moments, are a great way to build digital literacy and online safety among young people, helping them to stay safe and thrive in today’s digital world.

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Article supplied by the Ministry of Education.

INTERFACE March 2023

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