First school in New Zealand connected to Hyperfibre

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2022)

Network for Learning (N4L) has partnered with Spark and Chorus, to upgrade the first of a selected group of schools and kura with very high network usage to Hyperfibre – doubling their connection speed to 2Gbps, the fastest internet connection currently available for schools in New Zealand. 

Hyperfibre was installed at Wellington College on 31 May, giving it the opportunity to use cutting edge technologies that require faster internet speeds, delivering new learning experiences to students and productivity benefits to teachers. The faster connection provided by Hyperfibre will improve the ability to learn, teach, work and innovate in the 1,700 student high school.

Clearing congestion

“Hyperfibre has increased the speed and throughput of our school’s internet connection allowing our tauira to better interact with the world around them. Traffic congestion at peak times has been cleared up and it’s also given the school new options around future internet traffic usage,” said Darrell Harvey, Wellington College’s Deputy Principal.

Larrie Moore, Chief Executive Officer of N4L, says technology is helping to provide more diverse learning opportunities and having a high speed network is a crucial piece of the puzzle. 

“In conjunction with the Ministry of Education and our partners, we’re delighted to bring Hyperfibre to schools, ensuring that those networks are fit for purpose,” he said. “The way our tamariki are learning is changing and with this comes the need for ultra-fast fibre and low latency.”

Capable and secure

Not all schools require more than a 1Gbps connection. For some larger schools who heavily utilise the internet, having a faster network that is more capable and secure is a huge benefit. N4L is focused on getting the right connection, reliability and bandwidth to schools, leveraging new technology and services as they become available.

N4L and Spark will also be working with Hyperfibre providers Enable and Tuatahi First Fibre to connect the other selected schools over the coming months.

Source: N4L


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