Enhancing the learning experience with Canon Solutions for Education

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2022)

Canon’s top priority is to learn what makes every school unique, so it can provide a personalised solution that not only solves a problem for the school but also enhances the learning experience for students.

 Canon is working with educators to inspire the future of the world, as it all starts in our schools. Why? Because students are our future. They’re the future leaders of our families, our businesses, and our country – and at Canon we want to give them the best opportunity to thrive.

Early childhood through to university, we aim to make it easy for students and teachers to benefit from the latest technology. From bulk printing school yearbooks through the Canon Print Hub, to vibrant digital signage, along with creative green screen technology and interactive learning boards – Canon does it all.

“As we got more involved in the process, one of the reasons we chose Canon was because they have a wider understanding of what education is all about,” commented Kendall James, Principal at Albany Junior High School.

Engage, inform, connect

Capturing the attention of students who are constantly connected requires innovation and modernisation. Introducing innovative digital solutions for education, such as wayfinding, information kiosks, and mobile apps helps deliver a high-quality educational experience throughout campuses and classrooms.

As a professional educator, it might be your goal to help students see the world differently, with interactive technology that inspires them to experiment, explore possibilities and express creativity. Or you might be looking for new technologies to engage students, capture their imagination and improve outcomes through elearning. Canon’s range of immersive digital learning environments, and the ability to offer an end-to-end imaging solution that caters to the interests of students from a young age, sets us apart from the rest.

Effective communication

Canon’s digital display solutions for schools are an easy way to keep students, parents and the wider local community engaged – whilst making sure they deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

Effective communication is one of the primary benefits of digital signage. It is an interactive gateway that allows schools to communicate directly with students, staff, parents, and the wider school community.

Visual interaction

Transform your classroom into a visual learning experience with interactive displays. Encourage and promote different styles of learning and inclusivity across all students with this unique learning experience. Interactive displays allow learning environments to be more fluid with a broad range of activities, from fun geography games, to music, and assessments.

From simple flat panel displays to immersive video walls, Canon’s education specialists will work with you to determine which type of display is best suited to the location and your learning environment. We know different spaces require their own visual solutions and our skilled team of digital signage experts will consult with you to find the right displays – size, resolution, brightness, and all other factors that ensure an outstanding result.

InFocus JTouch for education

With an array of interactive features, the InFocus JTouch is the ideal digital solution for your classroom and/or learning environment. The JTouch line is completely customisable, featuring Total Touch Control – the ability to annotate on any input, and an open Android platform so you can natively run all key educational applications.

The InFocus JTouch features an anti-glare screen, allowing you to easily draw, write, and capture notes – as well as connect, display, and control various devices. The JTouch features a 4K UHD screen resolution, capacitive touchscreen functionality and is Android app ready. You can treat it as a digital canvas in the classroom.

Join Canon at INTERFACEXpo

Head along to the Canon stand at INTERFACEXpo next month and get hands-on with the InFocus JTouch interactive display.

Our Canon specialists will show you how it works with a wide range of teaching apps, including Google Drive, Slides, Docs, Microsoft Office, Jamboard, Seesaw and other relevant teaching platforms. They’ll also cover the ease of screen annotation, wireless content sharing and a diverse range of teaching solutions.

Supplied by Canon Business Solutions.

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