5 reasons why educators love Acer’s TravelMate P4

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2022)

The education landscape is changing and Acer is looking for new ways to accommodate these changes. With the move to more online and blended learning, there are new opportunities for technology to address some of the challenges educators face.

Acer has been collecting feedback on the evolving needs of teachers across the current education landscape and they have come across some interesting findings.

Educators are now faced with the challenge of teaching online classes – which means requiring a good laptop solution for preparing online study materials, tracking student progress online, creating digital class presentations, and reviewing assessments remotely.

Choose the right laptop

In addition to these responsibilities, teachers are also being asked to help students adjust to new processes for remote learning. This duty of care can quickly become complicated when struggling to troubleshoot laptop issues.

If a teacher’s laptop fails or gets damaged, it can cause disruptions and delays to the curriculum and result in downtime while waiting for a fix. Furthermore, most schools have caps on their budget for repairing or replacing a laptop if it gets damaged and broken. That is why it is important to choose the right laptop up front.

The Acer TravelMate P4 Clamshell and Spin models have been designed to address some of the key challenges educators face. Every P4 series laptop has been built to stand up to the rigors of teaching life and ensure longevity term-to-term. And so far, it has been receiving excellent feedback.

Here are five reasons why educators love the Acer TravelMate P4 series laptops:

1. Less Accidental Damage

Teachers do not have to worry about these laptops taking damage because they were built for it. The TravelMate P4 Clamshell and Spin laptops are put through military grade testing and are weatherproofed to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. Each laptop has also been tested to a standard of 26 successful drops from a height of 122 cm. Spill resistant and knock proof, these laptops are guaranteed to exceed expectations of durability.

2. Better performance in and out of classroom

Teachers are better able to focus on preparing class materials with convenience at their fingertips. The P4 Clamshell and Spin laptops offer all-day reliability, a long-lasting battery and one-hour charge. These creature comforts are sure to increase focus and boost productivity.

For drawing and note taking on the go, the built-in Acer Active stylus conveniently stores in a built-in dock. The P4 Spin model also offers four convertible modes— laptop, tablet, tent or stand— which make for very easy handling.

3. Longevity

In addition to a durable military grade casing, the P4 series laptops also have robust storage options. With 32G of RAM and the option to upgrade to 1TB of additional storage, teachers can expect this laptop to last through many terms and seasons without running out of space.

4. Peace of mind

Every P4 series laptop has enhanced security protection at the hardware level. Login options include facial recognition and one-touch fingerprint recognition for secure device access. These increased security measures ensure a teacher’s most important files, folders and administrative data will be kept safe.

 5. Improved ROI

Laptops are a big investment and there are a lot of things to consider, including: overall design; durability; battery life; user friendliness; reliability; and security. The P4 series offer the benefits of the latest technology at a reasonable price point, making the right tools for educators to do their best work much more accessible.

Whether designing lesson plans on the go or grading online assignments outside of office hours, educators can feel confident that the Acer TravelMate P4 series laptops will allow them to focus on what really matters – helping students learn better every day.

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