STEAM: The perfect way to promote all-round learning

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2021)

STEAM learning represents a turning point in learning as it creates a bridge between subjects that were traditionally studied separately. Combined with the latest Acer education technology, this makes it an effective enabler to engage students in an unprecedented way.

The synergy of science, technology, engineering, art, and maths – or STEAM for short – is an increasingly popular way of teaching, and with good reason.

Hands-on activities are at the core of this methodology, engaging students with projects that strongly rely on authentic, real-world evidence. Creativity, innovation, leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving are just a few of the skills that it can foster. And there are many other important, perhaps less obvious and unmeasurable benefits, that make it an all-round learning process.

A group project based on STEAM can teach a class that nobody can be equally good at everything, that it’s okay to have both talents and weaknesses, and that if people with different inclinations put their heads together, everyone can bring something useful to the table and be part of a team.

Everything is connected

In STEAM learning, no subject is inferior or superior to another and all knowledge is connected. Students are encouraged to cultivate a healthy interest in both science and art. The real world is not like school, where you are largely expected to apply concepts and skills from only one field at a time. With an interdisciplinary approach, students are taught to make their own connections between subjects and perhaps even foster friendships with people who have different interests.

If all knowledge is connected, the solution may sometimes come from an unexpected place. Therefore, treating different subjects as parts of a whole rather than separate units encourages creativity and critical thinking, and rewards unique solutions to problems, all things that will be immensely useful in a student’s future workplace.

Real-world application

Using STEAM principles to work on tangible projects that students can be proud of demonstrates better than anything the real-world usefulness of what they are learning. It gives them a chance to deal with safe but realistic simulations of real-world problems they might come across, such as troubleshooting, conflicts within the team, or working with clients who have very particular requests.

Technology is an important part of educational programmes because today’s students need to learn how to use computers, tools and devices not only at schools but also in their daily lives. The more familiar they grow with tech, the easier it will be for them to implement it in their future employment.

Resourceful medium

Nevertheless, technology isn’t simply one of the five STEAM education fields, it’s a resourceful medium to engage students with interactive hands-on projects. Technology is the framework by which the subjects of STEAM can meet in several cross-over applications.

Whether you’re setting up a makerspace or teaching in the classroom, choosing the right device to carry on STEAM lessons is undoubtedly the best way to start a journey into this world.

The devices from the Acer TravelMate series make the perfect learning companion to carry out STEAM projects in the classroom.

Means and machines

For instance, have you ever thought about building a machine that emulates human hands? It starts with cardboard and straws to replicate anatomy and biomechanics, but it’s through tests and data visualisation that students can generate new ideas and explore new possibilities. It takes just the right device, some inventiveness and a great desire for offering a next-level experience to your students.

Acer is at the forefront of developing technology that can enhance the learning experience. Empowering students is the TravelMate Spin B3, an ultra-durable learning device, combining high performance with low power consumption, and consistent connectivity for efficient learning.

For teaching professionals, the TravelMate Spin P4 is a premium notebook that’s built to last and comes with the latest and powerful processing and connectivity.

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