Kai’s Clan: An interactive and collaborative learning playground

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2021)

Kai’s Clan is a place where the physical and the virtual worlds merge to become an interactive and collaborative learning playground.

Developed here in New Zealand, students code their robots to navigate the mat in real life, in real-time, wherever they are in the world. At the same time their 3D characters collaborate in a virtual environment.

Kai’s Clan breaks the traditional geographical barriers to bring kids from around the world together and allow them to solve challenges in exciting new ways. Through design, programming, and collaboration, students can see their code come to life in augmented and virtual reality, whether that’s driving a rover on Mars or operating a forklift in a warehouse.

Real-world projects

There’s a perception among many students that school learning is not associated with their goals and interests. They don’t get why they’re sitting in classrooms completing worksheets. Perhaps the question should be: why are they sitting in classrooms completing worksheets when there are so many ways to incorporate real-world projects that would give meaning to what they’re learning?

Kai’s Clan is an all-in-one STEAM toolbox that includes:

  • 60+ integrated curriculum-aligned lessons for teachers and students;
  • Collaborative learning using Blockly or Python coding language;
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality;
  • Making the use of sensors easy, including working in conjunction with the BBC micro:bit;
  • Creativity, using robot avatars in Minecraft or Tinkercad; and
  • Integrated artificial intelligence coding blocks/text.

When students are immersed in a world full of technology, they find learning meaningful and relevant. Kai’s Clan is the solution!

By Kai’s Clan’s Ronel Schodt.

Find out more at or meet the Kai’s Clan team at INTERFACEXpo 2021, where they’re a Gold Sponsor of the event.



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