When C3PO and Marvin (the Paranoid Android) met for a coffee at the Hard Robotics Café …

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2021)

ETV’s Martin Drew secretly listened in using the Bradley Cybernetics Corporation’s new ‘RemoteEavesdrop’ technology. Here’s what he heard them talking about.

“I am C3PO, human-cyborg relations and I hear that INTERFACE Magazine is featuring robotics in its latest edition,” beeped C3PO.

Marvin looked uncomfortable, as usual. Even with a brain the size of a planet, he doubted that teachers would be able to find other relevant resources that would engage and inspire students.

“I’m so depressed” he intoned, trying to sip his coffee but spilling it down the front of his diodes. “Teachers will want to know where to find more interesting robotics content to use in the classroom.”

“‘Oh dear! Marvin, have you seriously not looked at ETV?” exclaimed C3PO, surprised that his paranoid friend was so uninformed. But, he recalled, this was the same robot who tried to open a PDF file with Adobe Wan Kenobi. “If you search ‘Robotics’ on ETV’s extensive platform of audio-visual resources, you will find no fewer than 427 results. All catalogued and easily searchable, it’s a treasure trove of educational resources that more and more teachers are using in their classrooms.”

Easy to access

Marvin instantly regretted not bringing his mask, his good friend’s enthusiasm was infectious.

“Pardon me for breathing. But it must be difficult to access these,” he sighed.

“Wait. Oh my!” responded C3PO, “I should have told you that any teacher can go to and click on the First Time User Registration button, which will get them access to all the free resources in the ETV Library. Then, if they would like a free trial of all the subscription-based content, they can contact the President of the ETV Galactic Federation, Martin Drew on 0800 438 388 or, and he’ll arrange everything.”

Marvin felt an uncharacteristic burst of enthusiasm and was set to login when …

“By the way”, he asked, tipping the rest of his coffee down his front. “What happened with that new girlfriend of yours?”

“Didn’t I tell you” C3PO said with a satisfied grin, “we’re engaged now. I just couldn’t resistor.”

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