Follow early Polynesian journeys of discovery at Mātauranga

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2021)

How did early Polynesians find their way to Aotearoa? How did they navigate? What innovation and technology did they use in their waka?

Find out about these voyages of discovery at Mātauranga, a new, free resource that aims to help teachers tell the story of the migration across the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago.

There are a team of people behind the project, including film producer Anna Marbrook, waka voyager Noenoe Barclay-Kerr, IT businessman Dennis Chapman, and Sir Ian Taylor, the 2019 Innovator of the Year and founder of Animation Research, the company behind America’s Cup graphics.

“The stories are designed to inspire further discussions around STEM and Mātauranga,” said Sir Ian. “Have fun with these learning resources; and good luck incorporating them into your own stories in the classroom.

“Polynesian navigators on state-of-the-art waka crossed the Pacific Ocean guided only by their kinship with the natural world. These extraordinary engineers, scientists, and mathematicians created the paving stones upon which we stand today.”

You can jump aboard the journeys at


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