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(Last Updated On: November 10, 2020)

The future is now! Group bookings are available for MOTAT’s Science Fiction Science Future, a new immersive and hands-on exhibition that will spark curiosity around science and innovation in your students.

HG Wells science fiction novel ‘War of the Worlds’ inspired the invention of the first liquid-fueled rocket. In 1942, famed sci-fi writer Waldo F Jones envisaged remote operated arms in a short story foreshadowing their future use in the nuclear power industry Most famously of all, the TV show Star Trek’s ‘communicators’ inspired the design of the first mobile phone in the early 1970s.

Science fiction has influenced countless people to think, design and create some of the essential technology of the 21st Century. What was once science fiction, became science reality.

Investigate and question

MOTAT’s new exhibition ‘Science Fiction Science Future’ challenges students to investigate this idea, exploring the unfolding stories of technological development, considering the social impact of scientific innovations, and questioning what their future may look like. How long until robots or holograms walk the streets alongside us? When will we be able to teleport or turn invisible?
It has 16 interactive exhibits with exciting hands-on and full-body experiences, incorporating robots, invisibility, mind control, holograms, and AR. High impact graphic panels have been designed to explore scientific and technological principles in everyday terms and include links to science fiction films and pop-culture to aid understanding.

Accompanying education programmes will challenge children to predict, imagine, and critically analyse fact versus fiction to develop a deeper understanding of how today’s science fiction might become tomorrow’s science reality.
Science Fiction Science Future is available for a limited six-month run ending 9 May, 2021, so don’t miss out on booking school group visits now!

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