What did you think of the digital issue?

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

For our May issue, we published digitally, so that everyone could continue to receive and read their favourite magazine! Thanks to everyone who took part in our survey to find out what you thought about the digital copy of INTERFACE – you’ve given us plenty to consider.

We think the digital issue turned out pretty well – how about you? Well, 82% of you either ‘Loved it’ or ‘Liked it’. Not a bad start.

As for the quality of the digital text and images, 64.6% said it was ‘Excellent’ and a further 29.3% answered ‘Good’. Navigating content was ‘Easy Peasy’ for a smidge more than half (50.6%) and ‘Easy enough’ for 39%. Many of you commented on how convenient is was to use the live weblinks, with 67.1% clicking through to additional online content.

So far, so good.

Given the choice, we asked what format you would prefer. You replied:

  • I definitely prefer a printed magazine – 19.3%
  • I definitely prefer a digital magazine – 45.2%
  • Probably printed but could live with a digital copy – 15%
  • Probably digital but could live with printed copy – 14.5%
  • Don’t mind either – 6%

Lastly, we wanted to know whether people would read INTERFACE Magazine if it was only published in digital format? Most answered ‘Yes’ (78.2%), ‘Maybe’ was 18.8% and 3% said ‘No’.

All in all, the digital copy seemed to go down well – many comments for and some against (see below). There’s plenty for us to think about. Thanks for all your additional comments, expressions of support and words of advice.

Many of you still prefer paper.

“Still like a paper copy. I take more time looking over it.”

“Like the change of print from all my daily digital stuff. I work with digital all the time and get a bit sick of it. I like a magazine that I can pick up, fold, scribble on and generally handle. Call me old fashioned but there is something as too much digital content.”

“I just prefer sitting down with a cuppa and reading (turning the pages) the magazine.”

“It’s great, but I prefer a hardcopy that I can leave in my lounge, and pick up and read and refer to at a later date, rather than be ‘lost’ on my computer.”

“Like the idea of the digital but it will be a mind shift as I often have the hardcopy on my desk and pick it up if I have a moment and it takes me away from the screen.”

“I like flicking through a physical magazine with a drink in hand. Harder to do that with a digital version.”

“It’s good to have it easily accessible when needed but it’s not like the printed copy that sits on my desk and it reminds me to pick it up and have a read.”

But there are lots that love the digital version, too.

“It was at my fingertips when I wanted to read it, not talking up space on my desk. I could get back to it easy to reference. Clicking the links made it easier to go to the websites I wanted to.”

“So much to like!! I like that I can click on the links and immediately view content (no more going from hard copy to laptop) and also that I will be able to now find the issue always in my INTERFACE email folder.”

“Actually read it properly as had time, and liked that I could open links and look at things more in-depth. Hard to do that with a paper copy.”

“Less in my pigeonhole at work. Better for the environment. Easier to find later, especially given that I am not at my desk much and that I don’t really have space to store things in my office.”

“I actually really liked it. I didn’t think I would as I love the feel of ‘the real deal’.”

“Loved that I could click straight onto the links and put them into my planning. Much easier to use the content of the magazine rather than when it is a hardcopy.”

“I like a hardcopy as I often talk about things with colleagues which is easier and I like taking it home to read but will get over it if it goes digital and read it online.”

Everyone who took part in the survey, went into a draw to win a $50 Prezzy card. The lucky winner is Leanne Cropp, Cashmere High School, Christchurch. Thanks for your feedback. Your prize is on its way.

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