How many copies do you have? Who has the most?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2020)

Does anyone have all printed copies of INTERFACE? As part of our celebrations to mark our 100th issue, we want to find the person with the most individual issues of the magazine.

Ninety-nine of the regular editions have been printed. The exception was the last one – Issue 99, May 2020 – which was published in digital format only.

However, just to confuse matters, we also produced a special, one-off edition that was distributed at the ‘Learning@School’ Conference, in Hamilton in January 2012 … so, extra kudos if you can whip that one out from your filing cabinet!

Now, the search is on. Who has the most? If you think it could be you, let us know how many at

There’s an INTERFACE goodie bag for the highest number.

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