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(Last Updated On: May 7, 2020)

Teaching can be challenging at any given time, let alone when access to physical classrooms suddenly ceases.

Adobe has assembled a few FREE resources and learning opportunities to help you create meaningful distance learning experiences for your students.

Adobe Spark for Education: Engage your students and drive creativity in the classroom. Create impactful social graphics, web pages and short videos in minutes. No matter where you teach or the age of your students, Adobe Spark is designed to be customised to fit the needs of your school’s goals, the learners you work with, and the time frame you have.

Create a TikTok dance with Adobe Rush: Help your students express themselves, learn and identify with your content on a platform they can relate to. TikTok is a great tool to get students moving and help develop their physical fitness. Get off your feet and learn a dance to stay active (and maybe get a few laughs out of your followers).

Home learning made fun with Bookcreator: Fun and educational! Bring out your students’ creative side with Adobe Book Creator. Full of interactive content, puzzles, games, and challenges, your students will have a lot of fun completing 50+ activities.

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