Social Media: How social should you be in your teaching?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

Few would argue that social media is part of modern-day life – however, there’s more debate when asking if it has a place in the classroom. Is it a frivolous timewaster or are there tangible ways it can be used to enhance your teaching and students’ learning? INTERFACE investigates.

This special feature on ‘Social Media in learning’ is exclusive to the May issue of INTERFACE Magazine.

Articles in the feature include:

  • Pushing the boundaries of the library with a Facebook page, by Penny Walch, Southwell School
  • Learning Japanese with Snapchat messages, by Sharon Barrett, Tauranga Boys’ College
  • Using social media to connect with your community
  • 10 greats ways to use social media in your classroom
  • Taking polls with social media apps

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