Covid-19 Update: Wednesday 25 March

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

80 per cent of students worldwide now ‘at home’

UNESCO estimates 80 per cent of all school children worldwide are at home because their schools are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more at


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Schools get creative as lockdown looms for education sector



Scratch is offering ideas for remote learning at #ScratchAtHome. With regular updates, the site has suggestions and resources for teachers and students to engage in creative learning activities using the free coding environment.


Remote learning with Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s Sam McNeill has put together a collection of ideas and resources for remote learning with Microsoft 365. Find out more at


Remote teaching tool: Zoom ( is a video-conferencing platform that can link you with your students – free and paid-for options are available. It’s easily accessible via apps, desktop, plug-ins and extensions. Zoom allows one-to-one and group  video calls, screen-sharing, and you can also record video.


Registered Moodle sites jump by 30 per cent in a week

Moodle is an open source learning management solution (LMS).


Keep fit with ‘The Body Coach TV’

Encourage your students to keep active while they’re in lockdown. It could be a walk or run, kicking a ball about in the garden, or some exercises. There are plenty of videos popping up to help. One you could suggest is PE with Joe, a free, daily home workout aimed at those of us stuck at home.


Share your stories

How are you managing so far? If you have any stories and experiences to share about your current situation, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Editor Greg Adams at


Stay safe and well.


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