STEM: Inspiring creativity and exploration in learning

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2020)

From STEM to STEAM or STREAM (or even SMET, STEEM, STREM, SMERFT, STEMIE) … these are acronyms synonymous with an engaging and effective part of today’s education. What does it all mean? How are these concepts being used by teachers? And what impact are they having? INTERFACE investigates.

This special feature on ‘STEM/STEAM learning’ is exclusive to the print version of INTERFACE Magazine.

Articles in the feature include:

  • Boosting science with STEAM-enabled musical instruments, by Nick Bithell, Hobsonville School
  • A great foundation for a future we don’t yet know, by Keryn Hooker, Methven Primary School
  • Embracing Windows 10 to power future skills
  • Loving the engagement, creativity and ‘light bulb’ moments, by Sarah Washbrooke, Remarkables Primary School
  • Supporting students to understand the world in a multi-disciplined way, by Kate Manch, Te Waka Unua School

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