Enjoying morning tea with Room 2!

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

Thanks to everyone in Room 2 at Papakura Central School for your warm welcome this morning.

Teacher aide Stellest de Villiers won a recent competition, where we challenged you to name the items we used to create the masthead in our September issue.

The promise of food was clearly a big attraction as we had more than 300 entries! However, it proved quite a testing task, with only about a quarter of you identifying everything correctly (and we were quite liberal in our marking).

We can reveal that the letters were: ‘I’ = roll of tin foil; ‘N’ = drinking straw; ‘T’ = toilet paper roll inners; First ‘E’ = plastic bottles; ‘R’ = nail; ‘F’ = paper clips; ‘A’ = plastic bottle lids; ‘C’ = Play Doh/play clay; and Second ‘E’ = wooden blocks. Well done if you guessed right.

All correct answers went into a draw to win morning tea for their class. First drawn was Stellest de Villiers, from Papakura Central School.

Here INTERFACE Editor Greg Adams brings her, class colleague Cheryl O’Donnell and students in Room 2 their winner’s morning tea. We hope you all enjoyed it!

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