Get yourself set for a smart, new and easy way to watching ETV

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2019)

Not everyone wants to watch ETV content on a small computer display or to bother with connecting a PC to a large screen. Enter the Set Top Box, a new way for teachers to easily access and view ETV on a big screen at home or in class.

ETV has long wanted to make using the service easier for teachers, at school or at home. Now it has thanks to LinkTV and its Set Top Box (STB).

LinkTV is a smart, new way for teachers in subscribing schools to view the huge range of content in ETV, the biggest on-demand service in New Zealand. With more than 100,000 videos, about 50 programmes added daily, and over 30 Freeview and International TV channels streamed live, LinkTV offers a TV experience like nothing else.

One free STB per school

The STB lets teachers watch the ETV service – live channels and on-demand videos – directly on large screens at home or at school. It’s 100 per cent online and is wireless enabled, so it can be located anywhere without the need for satellite or UHF antennas. Navigation is through an easy to use remote control (and searching is easier with the recommended wireless keyboard and mouse). Best of all, no logins are required since each STB has a unique identity that will be ‘registered’ to each ETV User.

To get a STB you must be in an ETV subscribing school. So you can see for yourself how good the LinkTV service is, each participating school is being given one Set Top Box for free. If teachers want one, it’s great value at $199, with a $50 ‘cashback’ to a school for each one bought by staff.

To find out more, go to the ETV website, login and place your order under the MyETV menu.



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