N4L’s Pond to close

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2019)

After a wide ranging review, N4L has confirmed that it will be shutting down Pond.

The platform will officially close Friday 28 June 2019.

“We know that for some this will be very disappointing news – we’re disappointed too,” said CEO Larrie Moore. “The simple reality is that the platform failed to become the collaborative curation space we all hoped it would be. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support. Whether you dipped your toes or made a huge splash, we’d like to acknowledge your time and the spirit with which you engaged with Pond over the past five years.”

So what now?  

Below N4L explains its reasons for the decision and what will happen with the information stored on the platform.

Why is N4L closing Pond?
Pond was created in 2014 for teachers to find and share resources. Other platforms have since gained popularity with their owners continuing to invest in the technology, design and support required to better serve their user community.
Our primary focus has always needed to be on providing world-class, safe and secure internet connectivity to all state and state-integrated schools. Last year these efforts led to N4L being named as New Zealand’s 2018 Broadband Provider of the Year.
And next month, we’ll have completed a major nationwide upgrade in the Managed Network that focuses on the online safety and security of our users. Our customer satisfaction is consistently high, well above 90% since the company’s launch in 2013, and our daily focus is on ensuring we continue to retain the trust and meet the needs of the schools.  

What will happen to the information in Pond?
All of Pond’s content was created by its users, and many were links to other websites. All of this information, including the email addresses of its users, will be deleted.

Can I download any of the content that I posted to Pond?
Unfortunately no, because Pond doesn’t store any information.

Will N4L be saving my Pond content and personal details? 
No. All of this information will be deleted from N4L’s systems within 4 weeks of Pond’s closure.

If you have any questions contact Pond at

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