Fully funded scholarships from The Mind Lab

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2019)

ji-pv4IGThe Mind Lab is offering full-tuition scholarships for its Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning to the first 100 teachers working in decile 1-3 schools for the March 2019 intake.

National Postgraduate Director at The Mind Lab, David Parsons, says the scholarships are offered to encourage teachers to evolve their practice and prepare for the big changes ahead while removing financial barriers.

“Our focus at The Mind Lab is to fully support teachers through their learning journey to integrate this new digital technology curriculum into their practice. It’s an exciting time for our profession and our students.

mind lab“Our postgraduate qualification has been redesigned to more directly support delivery of the new curriculum, enables teachers to lead impactful change. Through collaborative learning, teachers develop practical strategies for bringing technology to life in the classroom, with the goal to overcome barriers and feel empowered in digital education to the benefit of all learners.”

To date, more than 4,000 teachers have completed The Mind Lab’s Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning. The scholarships are awarded to the first 100 teachers who fully enrol in the order they are received.

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